3 Page Website Design


3 Page Website

x1 Home Page
x1 Additional Page
x1 Contact Page
£198.00 One-Time Fee


Product Specific Terms & Conditions:

By ordering this service you are agreeing:

  1. To supply the text to be used on your page(s) in a Text Document within 7 days of being requested (Content Request).
  2. To supply photograph(s) in .jpg, .jpeg or .png format within 7 days of being requested (Content Request). Minimum size is 1200px along longest edge. Landscape orientation is preferred. Square and Portrait orientation can be used, but will have an impact on the design of your website.
  3. To supply logo in .png format within 7 days of being requested (Content Request). Minimum size is 300px along longest edge. Transparent background preferred.
  4. That the completion date of your project will be delayed if items 1 or 2 or 3 are not provided with 7 days of being requested.
  5. That on the 8th day from the date the content was requested, your project will be removed from the current work schedule, and rescheduled only on receipt of all outstanding content requests.
  6. That in the event that you’re unable to supply content, and you ask me to create your content, it will done at an additional cost agreed by you prior to me creating the content.




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